Supplement Watch: A great resource for evaluating vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements

The best source I have found for providing information on what kinds of vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements are available and what they can do for you is Supplement Watch Inc.

But the main thing I like about Supplement Watch is that they do a wide range of unbiased, brand name, supplement product evaluations.

Supplement Watch is a corporation consisting of a small group of scientists, physiologists, nutritionists and other health professionals. Their mission is to educate people about the pros and cons of dietary supplementation

Supplements Database
Supplement Watch has a fantastic database of over 300 kinds of vitamin, mineral, herb and anything else that you could possibly consider to be a supplement including things like bee pollen, algae, flax seed oil, red clover, soy and dozens of others.

What is great about their database is that you can either search through their alphabetized list or type the supplement you are interested in, such as bee pollen, into their search engine.

When you click on the bee pollen link they provide, it takes you to an extensive document that covers the following aspects of bee pollen:

  • a description of what it is
  • health claims
  • the theory of why those claims are made
  • scientific support supporting those claims
  • how safe the supplement is
  • the general cost of the supplement and what they consider the value to be
  • recommended dosages for the supplement
  • references
  • a list of related supplements

What's impressive is that all this information is free!

Supplement Product Evaluations
Supplement Watch also has a section where you can type in the vitamin and mineral supplement product name that you are interested in (Centrum for example) and they will give you a full product evaluation for that product if they have it in their database.

You have to pay for this product evaluation information but it's a steal at only $25 per year (7 cents a day). Under this product evaluation section the categories covered are:

  • Supplement Watch's overall score for the product
  • whether or not they recommend the product
  • health claims and the score they give for that section
  • the theory of why those claims are made and their score
  • the science behind the claims and their score
  • product safety and their score
  • product value and their score

Unbiased Product Reviews
According to Supplement Watch, they are able to do product reviews and brand recommendations in an unbiased way because they rely only on their membership fees for their operations, and do not accept advertising or funding from supplement manufacturers.

Having read a lot of their product evaluations, their claim appears to be true because they don't seem to give anyone a complete pass when evaluating a product.

I highly recommend you pay for a years worth of unlimited product evaluations. To go to Supplement Watch, click here.


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