Measuring your own pH



How do I measure it?
The easiest way to get an idea of the pH level in your body is to measure your saliva or urine with pH Hydrion test paper. You can get this pH test paper at your local pharmacy.

When liquid comes in contact with this pH test paper, it turns a color that corresponds to a chart that comes with the test paper. The chart ranges from blue to yellow with blue indicating alkaline and yellow indicating acid.

How accurate is it?
It is important to keep in mind that using pH test paper won't give you an exact level of the pH level of your blood or organs. The reason is that pH levels in your saliva can be affected by bacteria in your mouth as well as food you recently ate. Try bushing your teeth and then test your saliva pH. It can show extreme alkalinity... from the tooth paste residue still in your mouth.

Using your urine to test the pH of your body can also not be completely accurate. One of the reasons is because your kidneys will dump excess acid in several ways that will show up in your urine. As much as these methods are not completely accurate, they can still be close enough to give you a pretty good idea as to the pH levels in your blood and in your internal organs.

Because it's more convenient, I tend to use my saliva for testing my pH. I also prefer saliva testing because although urine pH can be a good indicator as to seeing what your body is doing to try to maintain it's pH, the pH of your urine can vary greatly over the course of the day.


Tips for how and when to test your saliva

  • When you take your saliva pH, take it at least one hour before or 2 hours after you eat. Take measurements 2-3 times a day so you can get a feel for what your average is.

  • Take a sampling of your saliva pH for about a week before you make any dietary changes. This will give you a baseline from which you can measure your improvements.

  • Track your pH levels over the course of several months after you have made your dietary changes. Your pH levels probably won't change over night so don't be discouraged if you don't see any improvement right away.

What is the ideal range I should be trying to achieve?

Although opinions vary, the ideal range for saliva pH seems to be between 6.4 and 6.8. If this seems acidic in comparison to the blood's ideal pH of 7.35, that's because saliva tends to be more acidic than the blood.




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